Richard M. Nixon

Nixon, Vietnam, and the Questionable Moral Compass of the Times

Yesterday, the New York Times published a piece titled, “Nixon’s Vietnam Treachery.” The article presents new evidence that Nixon and then-strategist Henry Kissinger deliberately sabotaged peace talks between the U.S. and Vietnam in order to gain leverage in the upcoming ’68 election. To wit: A newfound cache of notes left by H. R. Haldeman, [Nixon’s] closest aide, shows that Nixon…

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“Spaghetti Is Good.” A Treatise

Spaghetti is good. I am eating spaghetti as I write this, and in fact the spaghetti I’m eating is what inspired me to formally declare its goodness to the world via weblog. Some more information about the spaghetti I am eating: It is whole wheat spaghetti. It is covered in a red sauce, a combination of Aldi-brand jarred stuff along…

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a stone gargoyle

“Cunning Linguist” Is a Bad Pun and Not Even Funny

Warning: This post contains some mildly explicit language. It’s something many of us have probably seen: Some person or another makes a post on social media, or even makes a statement in real life, pertaining to language, grammar, linguistics, or the like. Maybe it’s not even related to language per se, but just displays an artful turn of phrase. Another…

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