I am also sort of a comedian!

Why did the chicken cross the road? are relationships so confusing? don't they just make the whole plane out of black boxes?

I also do comedy. Not really stand-up in the traditional sense (I've tried but it's really hard), but characters, odd bits, sketches, and the like. For the last few years I've had a sketch comedy show on New Haven's public access channel CTV with my good friend, Nick Grunerud, called The World We Live In. In addition to the cable access show, we regualrly perform live at Never Ending Books on State Street, often with guests from the NYC comedy scene.

Clips below!

Check Out The World We Live In

Clips 'n' Vids

The World We Live In Episode 5, "Badonkadonk"

The World We Live In Episoide 8, "Big Ideas"

The World We Live In Episode 10, "Secrets"

Live Clip: The CW's Senior VP of New Programming Pitches some Shows

The World We Live In Charity PSA

From The World We Live In, "Monologue"

Live Clip: Horndog St. Claire's Cutco Knife Demonstration

Pete Opens a Letter from the Green Party

Miley Cyrus does King Lear